Think differently

about British chocolate.

Everything you love about chocolate. Even better.

Find your perfect bar of chocolate from our artisan and heritage ranges in our online shop. From dark and powerful, to light and summery, we have so much to choose from … and it is all made with natural ingredients, so that the simplicity and clarity of the flavours come shining through. At Mayhawk we add nothing that would alter this core principle.


A unique vision. Made by us.

Chocolate. Like no one else. Our bean-to-bar chocolate is hand-crafted, from ethically sourced single-origin cacao beans, and, once made and rested, it is then hand-tempered on our granite-worktops before being hand-wrapped into our signature packaging. All of our unique dark chocolate, milk chocolate and vegan chocolate flavours and fillings are influenced by our British culture and heritage … elegantly British, rebelliously errant.


Sometimes it’s about what you don’t add …

Our artisan chocolate has a simple and pure list of natural ingredients, and it is hand crafted from the cacao bean by skilled chocolate makers.

Lecithins, artificial ingredients, refined cane sugar, industrially made cocoa butter substitutes, chemically altered oils and fats, laboratory made essences, flavour compounds, environmentally damaging processes, and unskilled workers etc. – they have NO place in our chocolate. Think differently ...

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