Dark Chocolate Re-imagined

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Four Origins

Crafted separately, and poured into four distinct single-origin chocolate bars, each cacao bean origin has its own unique roasting profile and each dark chocolate that is made has a singular flavour connected to its growing origins.

Two Ingredients

Mayhawk Origin|+ is a Limited Edition chocolate bar collection made with a focus on simplicity and purity. Each chocolate bar is crafted in-house with just two ingredients, single-origin cacao beans and a small amount of unrefined cane sugar.

One Purpose

Redefining British Chocolate. Within this collection each bar is made with a purpose and creative precision: where the stunning flavour from the cacao-bean origin becomes the focus of what we make. Learn more. Making a remarkable dark-chocolate.

We Craft Around Our Intentions.

We have a simple goal: through innovation and craftsmanship we want to make the best chocolate. In making the Origin|+ limited edition bars we want to bring out a clarity of flavour from each of the four origins, so our entire focus is on precision and fine details. Where we test and re-check our work. Where adapting our processes, continuous analysis, and taking our time are all essential to remove the off-flavours, tannin and natural acidic compounds from the beans which can leave flaws in the finished flavour profile.

Delight… Surprise… Love. These are some of the connections that we want to make. So we simplify our processes, and then we try to perfect our chocolate.

Our Creative Intention in making the Origin|+ 

Innovative Techniques

The way we make our Origin|+ chocolate uses new techniques, this is to ensure that what we intend to produce has the right outcome. These new techniques continue to raise the standards of the chocolate we make, with both innovation and intuition playing a big part in our chocolate making. Our vision has never been to make the most chocolate, but the best.

True Depth

With just two ingredients, single-origin cacao beans and a small amount unrefined cane sugar, there is nowhere to hide from mistakes. There is no vanilla, alkalised cocoa powder, extra cocoa-butter or extra sugar to mask any flaws (which you see in mass-produced dark-chocolates). What we get is a true depth of flavour, which mirrors the origin growing conditions.

Profile Mapping

We have spent a lot of time over the years mapping roasting profiles to specific bean varieties and origins, with their differing size and amounts of moisture, acidic compounds and tannins etc. This allows us to precisely drill down into what we are looking to produce in the fore and background of the flavour profiles of each batch when roasting.

Forward Thinking

Our chocolate is made with some traditional skills, like hand-tempering the chocolate in every bar, however as a company we are always forward thinking. The signature packaging for the Origin|+ uses just 100% recyclable paper, card and foil, and it is designed and crafted in-house to make sure of its environmental and sustainability credentials.

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