75% Signature Dark Chocolate
70% Dark Coffee Chocolate
70% Sea-Salt Dark Chocolate
60% Malted-Milk Chocolate
53% Signature Milk Chocolate
50% Spiced Milk Chocolate

Signature chocolate bars designed and handmade by Mayhawk.

As chocolate makers the process of creating the Mayhawk Series Collection begins with selecting the right roasting profile for the single origin cacao-beans used. Each type of bean is then expertly roasted, cracked, winnowed and then stone-ground (with natural ingredients) over days to make an exquisite flavour profile.

Left to rest for up to 12 weeks, or longer, before being taste-tested, to ensure the chocolate is ready, the chocolate is then hand-tempered before being hand poured into moulds, then hand-wrapped into our signature packaging. With this precise level of workmanship, every Mayhawk bar of chocolate takes months to make.

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