London Gin Edition


A 73% dark chocolate bar with with single-origin cacao-beans from Colombia and our own secret magical-blend of London Gin and all-natural botanical ingredients. Note: This is a Limited Edition Chocolate.


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Inspired by the secretive and original Dry Gin recipes made famous in Victorian London this 70% dark chocolate bar has been created using our own harmonious blend of eleven all-natural botanicals (led by the juniper berry) to subtly flavour and spice the dark chocolate.

The first stage in making this chocolate bar is to gently infuse the roasted and winnowed cacao-nibs (from the Arauca region of Colombia) in a world famous London gin for four weeks. The gin-infused nibs are then stone ground over three days with our secret blend of botanicals. 

Our most magical chocolate yet. Time and patience make this chocolate bar what it is. Without resting, straight from the stone-grinder, the 11 botanicals have too harsh a flavour, but over time, through 7 months of resting, and a final re-grind, like a barrel aged gin, the chocolate mellows considerably, to be delightfully spiced. This is why we call it 11B7M (11 Botanicals 7 Months).


Ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, London Gin, Natural Botanical Flavourings (1%)

Allergens: None

  • Size: 75g Bar
  • 73% Cacao
  • Vegan / Alcohol added
  • Store in a cool-dry place
  • Made In The UK


Notes: Forastero (Arriba) cocoa-beans from Colombia. Light roast. London Gin infused nibs and an in-house 11 Botanical herb-spice-blend.


35g Bar : £3.25, 70g Bar : £6.00

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