Maple Edition


A 73% Dark Chocolate Bar made with single-origin Trinitario cacao beans from Trinidad. Our Maple Edition is sweetened with our own unique, house-made, Maple Sugar: making it complex and dark, with maple-treacly undertones, and very popular.

Maple Edition

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This 73% fine dark-chocolate bar is made with Trinitario cacao-beans, from the Caribbean island of Trinidad, and it is sweetened with a Maple Sugar, which we make ourselves in-house. This maple chocolate is then poured into the chocolate moulds and a thin maple syrup ganache is pipped into the centre of the bar.

To make the maple sugar, from the Canadian maple syrup we source, is hot skilled work. We turn it from a liquid syrup into a solid crystallized form – and the dark chocolate that we make from it is influenced by this treacly maple unique-tasting sugar.

The highest grade maple syrup that we use comes from protected and sustainable Canadian forests, which is subject to the Canadian grading system and strict production controls.


Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Maple Sugar, Maple Syrup.

Allergens: None.

  • Size: 90g Bar
  • 73% Cacao
  • Vegan
  • Store in a cool-dry place
  • Made In The UK


Notes: Trinitario cocoa-beans from Trinidad. Full roast.


35g Bar : £3.25, 70g Bar : £6.00

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