Maple Edition


A 73% Dark Chocolate Bar made with single-origin Trinitario cacao beans from Trinidad. Origin|+ Maple Edition is sweetened with our own unique, house-made, Maple Sugar: making it complex and dark, with maple-treacly undertones, and very popular.

Maple Edition

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A 73% complex and fine dark-chocolate bar made with just two ingredients. Trinitario cacao-beans, from the Caribbean island of Trinidad, sweetened with a Maple Sugar, which we make ourselves in-house.

To make the maple sugar, from the Canadian maple syrup we source, is hot skilled work. We turn it from a liquid syrup into a solid crystallized form – and the dark chocolate that we make from it is influenced by this treacly maple unique-tasting sugar.

The top grade maple syrup that we use comes from protected and sustainable Canadian forests, it is subject to the Canadian grading system and strict production controls.


Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Maple Sugar.

Allergens: None.

  • Size: 90g Bar
  • 73% Cacao
  • Vegan
  • Store in a cool-dry place
  • Made In The UK


Notes: Trinitario cocoa-beans from Trinidad. Full roast.

Our Maple Sugar

With just two ingredients stone-ground together this unique chocolate defines simplicity, purity and the search for perfection. We turn one the world’s finest maple syrups into a crystallized maple sugar so that it can be stone-ground with our cacao-beans, making a unique maple chocolate.

Mayhawk // Chocolate Makers

 We believe our focus should be to simplify and perfect what we do. Learn more. How we make our chocolate, Bean-to-Bar, at Mayhawk.


35g Bar : £3.25, 70g Bar : £6.00

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