Iconic pairings, innovative blending … Made for what you love and who you love.

Hand-made and hand-filled Chocolate Bars by Mayhawk. Using local ingredients and our own British Heritage as inspiration.

Sea-Salt Caramel

Earl Grey Tea

Whisky Soaked Stem-Ginger

Bramble Vodka

Strawberries & Cream

Hazelnut Caramel Truffle

At Mayhawk we have a very precise way of working, where every one of our chocolates is months in the making, and some of the ingredients years. Under the Heritage Label we want to use our own ingredients and innovate, breaking new ground and making something genuinely better. Like no other.

The process of creating the pairings of the chocolates we make begins with selecting the right single-origin chocolate from our resting shelves. Then we look at how each chocolate is going to be filled, and how these ingredients will work together… like a language, constructing an elegant sentence in a poem, we look at how these ingredients will make us feel.

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